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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 10, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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respond. >> young people who hang out in front of 1200 north cabral told us a driver and a white van pulled up and promised them temporary campaign jobs if they went to this early voting site and voted for the mayor. some had to register, and voted for fenty, but the jobs never came through. >> they just write to us for a vote and never contacted us for a job. >> mayor fendi said there was no way to investigate such an allegation without more information. today the mayor did not identify the driver. >> every once in awhile in running a big organization, some won't will do something that is counter to the training. there will be personnel action taken is something untoward was done. >> that might have stepped
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outside the ethical rules to be able to meet their quotas. >> we ask if attorneys were also questioning the young people were making the allegations. >> has anyone called do? >> no one at all. >> the mayor is in a tough fight for reelection and greeted voters after another mayoral election. >> we appreciate your bringing the information to us, but this was not someone who either had the authority to offer some of the position or was in any type of management situation. >> we have talked to six young people so far who said that they voted only because they were promised campaign jobs, jobs that they never received. rudolph williams said that some of them came down here in different bands. the board of elections tells us that the vincent gray campaign has filed a formal complaint with the board, asking it to investigate this matter, that is the first of four criminal charges that could bring someone convicted up to five years in prison.
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sam ford, abc7 news. the florida pastor who plan to burn the koran has cancel those plans for now. we have team coverage tonight and reaction from local muslims. first we have the latest from the pastor and the new york imam at the center of controversy. >> pastor terry jones does held a news conference explaining that as of now, the burning is cancelled. he said he is travelling to new york city to meet with the imam behind that controversial mosque to be built near ground zero. earlier today, jones issued a challenge, essentially demanding that he call him by 3:00 this afternoon to discuss the matter. that imam has made it clear that he does not plan to barter about this.
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he says he is open to meeting with jones. as you can imagine, all this adds up to a lot of confusion. >> we are seriously, seriously considering not burning the orans. >> are you, or aren't you? >> we are hoping we can come to a conclusion -- we are actually not prepared to ensure that right now. >> meanwhile, more protests today in the streets of afghanistan and pakistan. afghan president hamid karzai spoke on the matter saying he hopes that the pastor shows restraint. all sides worry there will be acts of violence if the burning takes place. there are now some copycat cases plant in other parts of the country. others who claim they will burn the koran. as of now, the pastor says it is cancelled. with these press conferences every few hours, it seems that
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could change at any time. >> today marks the end of ramadan, which means a celebration. our fears of backlash putting a damper on this year's celebration? >> i am here at the mosque in falls church where they have only had prayer today, only prayer itself. they are saving all the family festivities for sunday. 9/11 is clear of any kind of festivities. elsewhere today, it was a time to celebrate. the lansdowne exports complex was filled with families marking the end of ramadan and fasting with prayer. amid the bright colors and festive spirit, reminders that tomorrow is september 11. >> we condemn the horrific attacks of 9/11. >> just down the hall, nothing but fun and games, moon bounces,
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and toys for the children, food and vendors. the fact that tomorrow is 9/11 is not stopping what is a lot like christmas in islam. it is hard to ignore the news, especially a board of pastors threat to burn copies of the koran tomorrow. >> behavior or threats of action can put our young men and women in harm's way. >> i don't like that, because they would not like us saying we are going to burn your bible. >> they also insisted will not change their faith. [unintelligible] >> i should point out that i was
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asked when it the story is going to air. i said it was going to air today. he said we do not wanted to air tomorrow. we don't want the public seeing pictures tomorrow on 9/11 of all these people celebrating and having fun. he said that is a very somber day, and he wants to make sure people know that. >> the national cathedral will incorporate prayers' from the koran during its 9/11 remembered events. the september 11 service will be held tomorrow at noon. police in prince william county are hunting for a man who fool them into thinking he was a virginia state trooper. at around 11:00 p.m. tuesday, an officer stopped a black honda civic. police said the driver, sylvester small, told officers he was a state trooper. police discovered the truth after he left. now he is wanted of charges of
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impersonating a police officer. a judge has ruled prosecutors may use statements given to detective swollen prison on other charges. the trial is scheduled to begin in october. he has pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in the case of john uribe. -- in the case ofchandra levy. >> propane could have been shipped to 12 states including virginia and maryland. the improperly treated propane is involved in the investigation of a deadly explosion in massachusetts in july. let's get to that story of the developing -- a developing story of a gas explosion in california. almost 40 homes were destroyed. some planes are still burning
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and rhett -- some flames are still burning, and rescuers are still looking for victims. >> this residential neighborhood south of san francisco looks like a war zone. only chimneys and foundation for maine of what once were homes. 38 destroyed, and the death toll is still unconfirmed. >> we have heard the numbers. unfortunately, the numbers are going to get higher. >> shortly after 6:00 thursday night, a massive explosion rocked the neighborhood, burning gas from a ruptured pipeline, incinerating everything in its path. 20 mile an hour winds spread the embers, setting homes, garages, and carports ablaze. there was little many could do but run. >> i knew it was intense. >> some say that for several days that had smelled gas, but no one could determine where it was coming from. >> we have yet to be able to get close enough to the actual source to be able to determine
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exactly why this happened. >> this twisted steel pipe line is the prime focus near this massive, 15-foot wide crater. firefighters continued putting out spot fires, and cadaver dogs were brought in to search for those who could not escape the inferno. some residents went to a red cross shelter looking for help. >> i hope my house is still there. >> officials say people who were forced to evacuate or going to have to wait for the all clear before they can return to their homes, or what is left of them. that might not be until this weekend. another day of great temperatures around here, but still very dry. there is a little rain in the forecast. how much of a difference will it make? >> i wish i had better news, not a lot of rain on the way, but it looks like it will hold off for the overnight hours and early
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hours on sunday. skies are clear and temperatures in the 70's, eventually in the 60's. nighttime lows in the 50's. it is 74 in fairfax, petersburg, west virginia at 81 degrees. our skies are going to clear over the next couple of hours. look for clouds late tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night and then showers for the first half of sunday. we will talk about the forecast and what we can expect for the big football game on sunday night in just a few minutes. president obama put the economy front and center as he appealed to voters to take a long view of his reform measures. the president ask for more time to let the economy healed. mr. obama had no problem acknowledging improvement is still a work in progress, and he attacked republicans for refusing to help. >> do you want the same kind of skewed policies that led us to this crisis?
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the republicans are ready to offer that. >> democrats hope -- >> breaking news from iran. the gentleman was supposed to be set free after year in solitary confinement. her mother says she has a potentially cancerous position and has been denied access to medical care. she was jailed after allegedly crossing into iran at the iraq border. there is no word on why her release has been reconsidered. distracted drivers beware. one local county is cracking down and getting ready to hand out more tickets. i guess i should call them and tell them to send it back.
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>> she swore off the redskins and. she changes her tune now that the game is about to start? >> why a woman opened fire in a kraft plant. >> local first responders look at the
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as we prepare to mark the ninth anniversary of the september 11 terrorist attacks, we take time to thank those first responders. >> some of the first responders return to the pentagon to remember that tragic day. suzanne kennedy is live from the pentagon with their story tonight. >> many of those first responders who were there came back to the pentagon today, and they told the story of what happened here nine years ago tomorrow as if it was just yesterday. the images are dramatic and memorable, and not a day goes by that they are not fresh in mind of pentagon police officer lt.
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david webster. as he patrolled the grounds of the pentagon, he is a leading historian of what happened here nine years ago. >> it was chaotic. it was like a scene out of a movie, seeing people run from the building, trying to run to safety, did not know where they were going. there were just trying to get away from the building. >> 184 people died when the flight crashed into the pentagon, some of arlington county's first responders return to the scene today to mark this somber occasion. >> it is hard for me to drive by it without thinking about what happened that day, the column of smoke, the collapse of the sides, and of course, the casualties that were littering the west side of the building. >> you could just see it in their eyes and in their actions. everything was just so slow motion.
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>> he helped firefighters find a flag to hang off the building. >> i will have that image for the rest of my life. i don't think he could have had more patriotic moment and when that flag came out. >> tomorrow here at the pentagon, president barack obama will attend a commemoration of the terrorist attacks. suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. the sun never members this morning at langley high school. students with the young republican club faced replace 29077 american flags in the ground, each flag representing a person killed in the attacks. we are learning more about that deadly shooting at a kraft foods plant in philadelphia. a woman was suspended from her job after a series of altercations with co-workers.
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she returned with a gun and opened fire. she is now charged with murder and attempted murder. for people are dead and three missing after severe flooding in austin, texas. the flooding is from the remnants of hermine, a storm that moved across the lone star state. wfaa-tv teamed up with emergency crews to provide rescue assistance with its news chopper. what about us? how about a little rain around here? >> 18 straight days in a row with no rain to speak up. it looks like that could change late tomorrow night into sunday morning. sunday night it will be dry. temperatures outside at this hour holding in the 7's, while clouds are beginning to erode as
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high pressure builds. a final system arrives late yesterday that will increase clouds down pennsylvania avenue. winds will start to settle down over the next couple of hours and we look for a quiet overnight with mostly clear skies. the weatherbug network's texas to 74 degrees currently. this is a live shot, lots of sunshine and folks enjoying the nice weather at the beach. the water temperature is in the middle of 70's. it will fall into the 60's for the beach, right now is 71 degrees. at this hour, temperatures across the mid-atlantic holding in the mid 70's, but to the west of us, warmer air across west virginia with temperatures in the lower 80's this hour. upper 60's pour pittsburg and state college.
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96 in memphis, 90 degrees in dallas. satellite and radar shows what is left of hermine moving toward ease. this will bring us some showers late saturday night into sunday. it is not going to wash away our drought. we or about 6 inches below average at reagan national. clouds across the area earlier this afternoon, now beginning to dissipate. the skies will clear and that temperatures will fall into the 40's. rain is on the way, but not enough to break the drought. garrett, allegheny, and washington county, but had over to montgomery and prince george's county, they had early -- heavy downpours earlier this summer. trees, grass, and mold or in the
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low category. here is the forecast overnight, mainly clear and cool to mar morning. by afternoon we will see daytime highs 76-80 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. here is a look at the extended outlook. our temperatures in that 80- degree range come monday and tuesday, could lead into the upper 70's on wednesday and thursday. nighttime lows very comfortable. we had a little bit of chill in the air this morning. i hope you enjoyed it waking up this morning. we will do it again tomorrow. >> your dog has a sweater implants. we are standing up to cancer in abc7 prime time tonight. more than 100 celebrities joined forces with all three major networks for a tell-all -- telethon event.
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>> we spend a lot of time on politics, debating and arguing. let's remember who we are at the end of the day. we are families and care givers and patience. >> you can watch stand-up to cancer tonight at 8:00 followed by the pro football preview, 20/20 and abc7 news at 11. >> we are experiencing some drought conditions here, but how is this weather affecting local crops? we will take a look. a local call-girl band is making big strides. >> an outspoken redskins fan has a change of heart and the team >> an outspoken redskins fan has a change of heart and the team responds.
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>> as the redskins prepared to welcome their biggest rival, one fan is reconsidering a big gesture she made last season. >> she is now changing their tune. >> robin wright is quick to
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point out, she was not a disgruntled fan, just a disappointed one. she spoke up, we took notice, and tonight, the team is reacting. >> redskins all the way. >> i have been a redskins fan my whole life. >> everyone is talking about the redskins' right now, even a sterling woman who mailed the team owner a break up box last year. >> i had all my team t-shirts, hats, all my little decals of my car. i even took the christmas ornaments of my tree. >> the lifelong fan at said snyder her staff to make a point because she was so disappointed in the team's direction. >> it was the lack of caring and concern for the fans and the dedication to really wanting to go out and do a good job. i wanted to feel that they care about us as much as i care about them. >> the team sent her a letter
5:27 pm
saying it would hold her items until she felt ready to take them back. she may just do that, thanks to changes in the front office and on the field. >> i miss my stuff. >> there is one thing she still wants no part of, albert haynes worth. >> he is a sissy. i have a problem with someone who makes that much money saying i don't want to play that position. >> they want to give her an autographed donovan mcnabb jersey, an autographed mike shanahan football, and to take it -- to tickets to next week's game. >> she called him a sissy. coming up, a breakthrough in
5:28 pm
the fight against dementia. >> coming up, we'll tell you how the regional drought is taking a big chunk out of local apple orchards. >> i will show you what police here are calling a
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♪ ♪ [ male aouncer ] giving ucigarettes catake more than wlpower alone. but today'a new day. for many, smokg is a treatable dical condition. talk to your doctor about prescripti treatment optionand support. >> pay attention if you are
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driving through fairfax county. they are cracking down on distracted drivers. >> they are targeting specific areas where they are determined there have been a lot of crashes involving distracted drivers. >> did you have your license and registration on you? >> in hot spots like this, police are pulling over drivers who may not be devoting all their attention to driving. is part of a new campaign in fairfax county to target those who text or use their cell phone while driving, a problem police say is a dangerous epidemic. a big awareness bush is with teenage drivers. >> you can put the fun away for a couple of seconds, and it could save your life. >> there was a serious, multicar
5:32 pm
crash on franconia road. fairfax county investigators say they believe what happened here was the result of one driver, distracted by using a cell phone at the time of impact. he will be facing charges. the distracted driver crackdown includes police you can and cannot see, looking for those doing something other than driving all behind the wheel. >> that is the kind of behavior we have to change. we have to make them realize just how dangerous that behavior is, and has to stop. >> officers can pursue charges for distracted, even reckless driving. that comes with a 200 duty dollars fine. -- a fine of $250. >> the special enforcement campaign will run at least until the school year runs out. if you want more information about this, including a survey that fairfax county police want
5:33 pm
you to take, you can check >> lendale knows what she's talking about when it comes to distracted driving. she drove a simulator to show what it is like to be distracted behind the wheel. the fairfax county police department hold it -- hosted the course today be their new enforcement campaign. as you can see, changing the radio, having the horn blaring at the same time, gale struggle little bit on the course. nearly 80% of all crashes involve distracted driver. the mayor's race is not the only high-profile race in the area. the race for county executive is heating up as well.
5:34 pm
>> with three days left before the primary, mud is lying in the race for prince george's county executive. this week has already seen court action and nasty allegations about fires which seemed to mislead voters about endorsements. sharon baker and michael jackson challenged each other's records. >> what i am suggesting is, something is not right. >> baker had posted that his work with non-profit organizations help bring new development in challenged areas and new teachers to prince george's county classrooms. today, jackson called a press conference to highlight a 2004 government audit which showed baker's organization was forced to return hundreds of thousands of dollars in grant money for nonperformance. but citizens ought to know who they vote for and they ought to know if they are voting for a person who has attempted many
5:35 pm
projects and if they have completed them or not. >> baker declined on-camera comments today, but his campaign did issue a statement. it said it was 11th-hour desperation, and baker did say that he gained valuable experience learning how to bring jobs to the community during his time working with nonprofits. brad bell, abc7 news. looking at a news around region.ound the december through march, guests can get rooms as low as $59 midweek. the owner says is a way of saying thanks. the university of maryland hosted maryland's robotic state.
5:36 pm
researchers and students showed off meet your robots and others designed for extreme environments and space exploration. some robots even mimic the movements of animals, including crabs, birds, and caterpillars. >> pop sensation justin bieber made a big splash when he performed at the maryland state fair, and especially after he threw some water balloons at state troopers. he threw water balloons at the troopers. no police report was filed. time for a check of the traffic situation. eric thomas is watching the road for us. >> looking at the american legion branch, everything is a lot better than it usually is on friday afternoon. looking at a slower traffic on the outer loop of the beltway at the american legion bridge. coming out of virginia, not a lot of delays. the beltway in montgomery county
5:37 pm
in general will see some delays in the inner loop start over on georgia avenue. on's look at what is going on 95 southbound. hardly any delays at all on the right side of your screen. 95 self is usually slow all the way down to fredericksburg, but that is not the case today. the left side of your screen, very slow. northbound is slow because of a crash over at telegraph road in the left lane. the outer loop of the beltway is closed from 95 springfield all the way over to telegraph road. coming up, the neighborhood near national park continues to grow. >> a local all-girl band continues to grow. >> coming of new at 6:00, war
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>> boy bands like the jonah's
5:41 pm
brothers, they are all over the place, but that it is not often that you hear about an all girl rock band. >> tonight's working woman is the band's manager, nurse, and mother, trying to help her daughter's band make it be. >> this earth for young women who describe their music as alternative rock. 19-year-old isabella's on drugs and sarah is on lead guitar. -- isabella on drums. linda le'ron is manager and mom in chief. >> it is about keeping our heads over our shoulders. it really is a challenge. ♪ >> their success started when they won the battle of the bands
5:42 pm
at the university of maryland in april and got to open for the band weezer in front of 30,000 people. >> they were the only girl band. i was in the audience, and people were saying oh, a chick band? land and her husband say music has always been a passion for their family, but school still comes first. christine is an architecture student, isabel is premed, and sarah is a senior in high school. >> they are very unique, and on top of that, they are all beautiful. not because they are my children. look at them. the best part is, we are there all the time. >> she is hopeful her daughters
5:43 pm
are at the start of something big. >> ivy rose has just released a new cd. they are playing in virginia this weekend. >> they will need some bodyguards before long. >> they have their dad. coming up, keeping you safe in the sky. the new proposal to keep sleepy pilots out of the cockpit. at a festival is being held to eat introduce washing
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>> it be have been to a national game lately, you have noticed a lot of construction are going on nearby. >> john gonzales is live for the unveiling of the yard. >> it is no secret, development around national park has been slow for years, but now the city believes this year will get the
5:47 pm
ball rolling. a new modern park along the anacostia river. new competition for the national arbor. >> terraces, a boardwalk, a waterfall, and a bridge over the canal. this is the yards park. >> this is beautiful. they have done a great job of turning rubble into a nice, green space. >> the recession hit, and a lot of buildings were not built because financing fell off the table. but investors now say this is a positive sign. >> it kinda fell off the grid. >> eventually the area will include shops and restaurants and it will surround what developers call the center piece, this six-acre park.
5:48 pm
resident jack norton says seeing the unveiling of the part is like seeing the light at the end of a long tunnel. the southeast. >> i used to live up by the barracks. the economy and financing kind of dried up. it is a long time coming, but it is great. >> she is already peaking out spots for afternoon lunches in the teacher. >> we look for other places to go anyway. this is something recreational that we need. >> this park also includes 174 trees and eight least-free area for dogs. one key portion is now completed and opened, but realistically, the executive director says it will be about 25 years before it is all completed. he he adds, rome was not built in a day. a new medical study has some
5:49 pm
encouraging results in treating dementia. researchers have found large doses of b vitamins seemed to slow the rate of memory problems in older adults. the study tracks the effect of vitamins b six and the 12 on mild cognitive impairment, the stage between normal forgetfulness of aging and the development of dementia. the mensheviks were than 30 million people around the world. >> a preliminary panel hadn't information about the deadly duck boat crashed last summer. radio calls from a tugboat went unanswered before the collision. the pilot cited his bit amendment right against self- incrimination when he was summoned by investigators. a government proposal to prevent fatigue and pilots would set schedules based on the time
5:50 pm
of day, the number of scheduled flights and time zones. pilots would get nine hours of rest between work days. the plan is still months away from becoming final. it's mixed reviews from pilots. gordon peterson is alive in -- is live in the newsroom. >> we have breaking news on the american hiker in iran who was supposed to have been released tomorrow. right out and looks as though her release has been cancelled. we will talk about that as well, and we will see you soon at 6:00. a little bit of rain is possible, maybe tomorrow night into early sunday. everything should move out very nicely just in time for the football game sunday evening. prince frederick maryland at 74 degrees, after a high of 76.
5:51 pm
a cool start this morning, 53 degrees in centreville, currently at 72. the cloud cover kept our temperature only in the mid-70's for a daytime high. here is what we expect for the weekend, the area of low pressure will bring some rain, but not enough to break the drought. mostly cloudy for kickoff sunday night. temperatures will be in the 7's for this evening begin in the 70's for this evening, and then fall into the 60's and the 50's. 60% chance of of morning showers on sunday. upper 7's to just around 80 degrees, nighttime lows a round of middle 50's. we need the rain, but the good
5:52 pm
news, the football game whether it looks perfect. >> there must be a cowboys fan in the graphics department. >> who is responsible for that? the redskins-cowboys game is one of the most heated rivalries in sports. we will be introduced to a man who has been at the center of every dallas-washington game for the past 24 years. >> at fedex field, you can find this man. he is a member of the fedex chain gang, the people to carry those big holes to measured yardage on every play. he will tell you his job is to hide between them. >> we need to be invisible, which sometimes when you are carrying to polls that are about 8 feet tall with pads on them,
5:53 pm
and you are moving in between coaches and wires and everything else, it is tough to be invisible, but we do it. >> he has done it for the past 24 years. >> once i worked that first game, i was hooked. >> his most memorable moment? when rfk stadium literally rocked when the fans called out the cowboys. >> it was unbelievable, being able to stand there and watch the fans in the stands. it looked like a wave. >> it is not his only job, but he says the chain gang is the best job in the world. even with 24 years under his belt, don't expect him to throw in the cliques just yet. >> i get butterflies, and i think if i didn't get butterflies, it would be time to hang it up. i don't think that will ever happen. i would like to work of a few more years.
5:54 pm
>> it looks like he has a lot of years left. >> will have an up close look forward to the 2010 nfl season. that is right here tonight at 9:00. >> i would pay to know what that guy has heard over the years on the sidelines. >> he could write a book and probably a tv show. >> for adults only. >> coming up next, how the dry conditions all over the area are affecting local farmers a
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>> local forms are taking a being from the dry conditions we have been having, and will not get any relief soon. >> at rock hill apple orchard in mount airy, harvest is underway, and trees are red with
5:58 pm
apples. it is what is on the ground that is most troubling to the orchard owner. >> it is a little depressing, because that is your profit margin that is laying on the ground right now. >> he says the burly start of warmer weather this year, followed by a drought, has put stress on his apple tree, leading to a premature dropping at an earlier peak time. he says if you want to come and pick your own apples, you had better come fast. >> that will be just down to one or two late varieties. everything is 10 days ahead of schedule. september will be apple month this year. >> local corn fields have also been ravaged. corn production has dropped an average of 25% this year due to the drought. he said another big reason was the timing of the rainfall this summer. >> we were dry in june and into the middle of july. that is when corn needs water
5:59 pm
the worst. it is trying out even more than it normally would. >> the hot and dry summer has only intensified the drought. >> this will go down as one of the hottest summers on record. we have had so little rain in the last 18 days, it will be a big problem for the farmers. a lot of people have noticed that the leaves already starting to fall off the trees. >> that is all for abc7 news at 5:00. coming up at 6, is the pastor really cancelling the burning of the koran? we have the latest twist in this unfolding story. plus, jobs for votes. mayor adrian fenty talks about the allegations he sold votes. >> this is


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